Welcome to the Trade Federation

The Trade Federation was built on the foundations of honor, integrity and profit and has always strived to abide by that motto. While the rest of the galaxy collapses in on itself due to corrupt politics and frivolous wars, the Trade Federation remains unscathed and continues to deliver goods throughout the entire galaxy.

Viceroy Jacob Jansen has pledged to uphold the tenet of honor, integrity and profit by ensuring that the Trade Federation remains impartial in all matters relating to commerce and under no circumstances overlooking any client.

Despite the fact that the Trade Federation started as a small trading organization, it is now a superpower whose influence can be felt throughout the entire galaxy. With each passing day the Trade Federation solidifies its control on the systems in its jurisdiction which in turn results in many governments and factions lining up to create trade contracts with the Trade Federation. Being a fully fledged government headquartered in the Zeemacht Cluster, the Trade Federation will remain unaffected by the war torn galaxy and continue its path of success.

Reconstruction of Endor's Forest Moon

TFNN - Endor System, Moddell Sector

The lush, verdant forests from which the Forest Moon got its name have become famous galaxy wide. Home to both the Yuzzum and the Ewok peoples, the breathtaking majesty of the moon was chosen years before to host the capital of the Avance Coalition as if the richness and fertility of the jungles and the residents who prospered alongside and not by or in spite of the untamed expanses could say more about the former government than could any palace or diplomat.

For years it silently circled the planet Endor, broadcasting its bold, unchallenged growth and glory on behalf of the whole Coalition. Visitors today, however, find a much different story.

If one were to travel to the famed Forest Moon today, you'd find it a forest in name only. The growth of the former Avance Coalition brought with it expansion projects to the capital, and with projections of growth in the upswing before the Recession even more land was cleared and slabbed to prepare for the building and infrastructure to support the promised prosperity.

Many resorts, seeking to allow more of the public to experience the splendors sought to expand their grounds and locations around the moon as well. But it was not to be. The Galactic Recession found the moon cleared and mostly slabbed over, with many cities and settlements in various stages of completion.

The many public works projects aimed to stimulate the economy focused on the planet Endor, and made use of the open space on the moon for material storage and recycling foundries. The condition of the moon's surface declined rapidly.

By the time the problem was brought to the attention of the former Avance government who had been scrambling to address the myriad effects of the Recession, internal security disputes, and assisting allies in combating terrorism, the problem's magnitude had surpassed the funds and energy needed to combat it effectively.

Paul Luz was approved by the Hall of Houses to assemble a team of Avance Rangers and scholars to study the effects of rapid urbanization on planets and estimate the scope and trajectory of currents trends as the majority of programs aimed at ending the recession hinged on public works and infrastructure expansion. His efforts, however, ran parallel with the plans to merge the Coalition with her closest ally, the Trade Federation. Luz was only able to assemble his team and start planning their methods before the Hall of Houses that had approved and sponsored his efforts had ceased to be, dismantled and assumed into the new regional government of the Federation.


Avance Coalition merges with the Trade Federation

TFNN - Endor System, Moddell Sector

In a joint press conference in front of a veritable army of Trade Federation News Network and Avance News Network reporters, Avance Coalition First Seat Navik Ikron and Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen released a simple statement: "The Avance Coalition will merge with the Trade Federation."

After a moment of stunned silence from the assembled press corps, an unintelligible flurry of questions rained forth upon the two leaders. First Seat Ikron calmed the crowd, saying, "This is not being done out of whim or personal gain. I’m not receiving any service, technology, or monetary exchange for doing this. The Trade Federation is a group much like our own. We all are friends and work well together as leading bodies within the Galactic Concordiate. Our combined governments will form one super government capable of doing so much more than just either of us could accomplish ourselves."

Viceroy Jansen, nodding, added: "This is a huge move. No, it's a colossal move. When I was first approached by Navik, I was pleasantly surprised. The gravity of such a merger is overwhelming. But we have such a strong infrastructure in place, we are able to incorporate every department and member within our own with little trouble. This merger is a unique chance for all of us. A once-in-a-lifetime chance. Together we can accomplish great heights that before were never even imagined. To our allies and future allies: we look forward to working with you on our new joint endeavors."

Despite another barrage of questions, the lectern from which the two leaders were speaking was rolled off-camera and a table and two chairs were brought in. First Seat Ikron and Viceroy Jansen sat down and proceeded to use a huge varactyl quill and ink to sign their names to the treaty that would not only merge two governments, but also result in other changes in Avance space.

Rendili StarDrive, Centurion Arms, and Alpha Medical Corps will be joining the Trade Federation family. The Wraiths mercenary group, formerly owned by Soyak-Rainer Enterprises, have been given full control of the Trilon sector and will be an autonomous entity. The Cerean Quadrant, Sombure, Yushan, and Gendius sectors will be under control of King Arklari Clise and the newly-founded Kingdom of Elysia, reformed from the Harbingers and operating both Czerka Corporation and Golan Technologies. Both the Kingdom and The Wraiths will remain on friendly terms with the Federation, and will work closely together to defend the territories from threats to the safety of the citizens living there.

As for the reasons for the merge, political pundits across the galaxy have posited many theories. The one that fits best suggests that the Galactic Concordiate served as the backdrop providing a mutual political and cultural growth for both the Avance Coalition and the Trade Federation. Several members of the Federation government joined the House system and Avance got involved in the Federation Market, further bringing the two peoples together. Both sides were dedicated to the maintenance of peace through neutrality, supported by strong economic policies. Seeing the success of the GC, talks began to address how the cause for neutrality and prosperity might be furthered by working closer together and establishing a unified front to confront the encroaching tides of war, the increasing boldness of piracy galaxy-wide, and the galactic recession. After much discussion, a merge grew as a popular option and was soon taken to heart by the leadership to consider in greater detail.

TFNN economic analyst Moradin Kwyntehst pointed out that a key feature to watch is the availability of technology that was formerly restricted or exclusively offered by Avancian companies like Rendilli and Centurion Arms now is more readily available to be integrated in Federation defense fleets and has less obstruction to being more available to the public in the Federation market. This, of course, only increases the Federation's economic influence as more equipment will be sold exclusively through their markets, giving them complete control over the markets for those items or weapons. Additionally, an internal announcement released to Federation personnel obtained from unnamed sources shows that Federation salaries and fringe benefits will be increased to more closely match those enjoyed by those who served Avance before the merge.

Early congratulations on the merge came in from a close ally. Hapan King Zayth Kadrim sent the following by Holonet: "Avance Coalition became known for being an economic powerhouse, striving towards recognition as a mediator on the galactic stage, with its Houses forming the undercurrent of its distinct culture. Although it is regrettable to see its time coming to an end, without a doubt they have found the right partner in Trade Federation to entwine their futures with. As such Hapes welcomes the strengthened hand of the Trade Federation, and we wish them all the best with their efforts of bridging both the physical distance and the cultural dissimilarities between the two peoples. We will continue to follow with interest how the diverse possibilities offered by this merger become utilized by the parties involved."




  • Y16 D210

    Effective immediately the following items are restricted to individuals and only sold to factions pending approval from the Trade Federation Cabinet.

    Cloud Car Combatspeeder
    Riot Shield
    Macro Binoculars
    Frame Charge
    These items, when sales reopen will no longer be able to be purchased through the Trade Federation Market Network. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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    Y16 D092

    Trade Federation decides to renaturate Endor's Forest Moon

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