Trade Federation

Trade Federation Middlemen

What is this program? Why should I use a Middle? The galaxy is full of theft and scams. It is very dangerous to send first to a seller. This is where middlemen come in. Middlemen are long standing very respectable and honorable members of the trading community. These members are trusted to serve as middles between sales and trades. It is highly recommended you use a middle when doing any sort of trade or sale.

Why use a sanctioned Trade Federation Middle? Simple.. The Trade Federation will back their middles with Trade Federation funds. To make it very simple. If you use a Trade Federation middle and the middle turns around and steals from you, the Trade Federation will refund your purchase/trade in the form of credits.

  • The Trade Federation middleman program will only reimburse people who were stolen from a sanctioned Trade Federation Middle while they are middling a trade/sale.
  • The Trade Federation will notify the trading community of corrupt middles via the traders lounge and the news section of the Trade Federation website.
  • To report a middle theft you must send all evidence to the Trade Federation Duceroy within 72 hours of the theft.
  • The Trade Federation won't be responsible for any traded goods found without access due to planetary shields or security doors. It is impossible for a middle to know of these circumstances.
  • Before sending assets for middling to a Trade Federation sponsored Middleman please Darkness Message (DM) said Middleman to confirm with them that they are available to middle a trade and will agree to middle the trade. The Trade Federation will not reimburse traders who fail to do this, if the middling service is delayed on account of this, or if the assets are returned to the sender at the Middleman's first available opportunity.
  • To become a sanctioned Trade Federation Middle, send a message to the Duceroy, who will seek approval from the Trade Federation Cabinet.
  • Only a unanimous vote by the Trade Federation Cabinet can approve a member for middle status. The same applies for moving up in middle levels.

Note.. Only middlemen bars hosted on the Trade Federation server are considered official. Always check the Middlemen list before using a sanctioned Trade Federation Middle. Scammers are known for impersonating middles.


Level 5 - Any Amount

The most trusted members of the Trade Federation. Please only use these middles for high value trades.

Olwin Froon

Level 4 - Up to 500,000,000c

Some of the most trusted and longstanding members of the Trade Federation.

Level 3 - Up to 300,000,000c

Senior members of the Trade Federation who have established themselves as trustworthy traders.

Dail Llwybr Gwaed

Marcus Justinian

Tanez Kalrade

Ted Winner

Tovakinpi Toshikhan

Level 2 - Up to 100,000,000c

Senior members of the Trade Federation who have established themselves as trustworthy traders.

Kopljanik Despotovic

Marco Salo

Level 1 - Up to 50,000,000c

Junior members of the Trade Federation who have established themselves as trustworthy traders.

Manta Birostris